Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Thanks so much to everyone who bared the traffic and made it out to the Cake Crumbs launch and holiday party. Check out some great pics taken by Josh Bobrove for Robert Evans Studios.

How yummy were these red velvet cupcakes?!?!

Party-goers Laurel Szeto of Laurel and Party, Harmony from The Bridal Bar, the team from Next Exit Photography (Adi & Cat), Photographer Carrie Phillips, and Robert Evans...

...who all enjoyed the musical talents of Jake and Rob from String Project LA.

...and who enjoyed the bar by Martini & Rossi even more!

And last but not least, thanks to our gracious hosts, John and Susan from Cake Crumbs!

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suzi finer said...

I am quite impressed with the cake artistry employed by Cake Crumbs. Speaking as a master cake decorator (Hansen Cakes, 1982-1994) I can appreciate the beauty of your works. Bravo, and keep on baking!
Suzi Finer
Sweetpeas and Snapshots