Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Renaissance Studios "Speaks" to their Audience

Renasissance Studios creates graceful wedding art films for brides, babies, families, and more. Their uniquely elegant wedding and family stories are unobtrusively captured on romantic Super 8mm movie film, or through a beautiful blend of film and latest in digital video and audio technology.

BUT WAIT! That's not all! Using their Emmy Award winning techniques, Renaissance Studios offers sound to Super 8! Sound? For the savvy bride-to-be this sounds impossible! Super 8 film is vintage (back in the day when there was no sound in films). To the less techy brides, you may wonder why you would want a video without sound in the first place?? Well, the grainy, vintage, classic, and utterly beautiful look of Super 8 films give your wedding video a timeless and romantic feel that you don't find with the digital medium. Companies lace music (and vocals) over these films for a personalized wedding soundtrack, but what if your vows were dubbed over the image of you speaking them to your spouse? Word for word, to match the picture on the screne. Brilliant! The editing and transition is flawless, no one will ever know those tears and sniffles weren't found on the original film. And the result - tears in the audience for sure!

And what if you're friends won't come over for the viewing party?? Renaissance Studios gives you a iPod friendly downloaded version to take with you it on a plane, in line buying those thank you notes, show your co-workers the drunken clips of your boss, the possibilities are endless!

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