Monday, November 26, 2007

Lovely Wedding by Paul Bott

We wanted to share this inspiring event by Paul Bott. He wrote to us telling us of the meaning this wedding had for him.

It was by far was the perfect mix of all the elements that make a "special day" as they say.......special and all starts with great people, this case the bride and groom, amy and warren, and the loving parents who were all part of the planning...........then the "story"..there is always a story, a love story, but in this case not only was the love story unusual, but the love story was inspired. amy and warren are both fight pilots.......they flew missions in iraq, where they met, and fell in love........and if i understand this whole story correctly..there love is something very visible and they share it with everybody they know, with a simple smile, a quite but focused glance, kind words.......and gifts.........yes they gave me a gift, actually more then one, but this gift came after our first meeting when i was so impressed with what they did that on the very next visit, they gave me a framed reversible one side them in the cockpit of there jet, and on the other side a picture of them flying in the jet over the blue water of the Mediterranean was overwhelming to a guy who as a kid could only think of flying jet planes!anyway, back to the is so refreshing to see two people who love each other and show it in such a way that it is infectious........the way they also love their families, their country, and they way they showed their love and respect for all who they encounter.

for us in the service business, it is so clear that our goals are always to give a couple the happiest day in their life as we plane and produce their wedding.........when you encounter a couple like amy and warren, that goal is a clear, focused, path from which there is no turning back.......for me, working on this wedding was as with all weddings not with out it's bumps, and glitches, but because of the impression that amy and warren made on me from the first moment i met them, i just felt that this was a mission i had to complete, this was a wedding that had not only a huge success but also for me an experience as to how i fell love.......

so, on October 6, 2007.........amy and warren exchange vows in front of their families and friends and proceeded in celebrating their experience until the venue finally had to say good night.for me this experience was one of the best i ever had, the experience of complete satisfaction, a complete experience of giving, creating, and seeing the results of all of this on the faces of the guests, in the smiling eyes of the families, and especially the happy faces of amy and me this is the reason we as wedding professionals do what we do........ i had my "babettes's feast experience" all over again.this was a magical, life changing evening for all.many people made this wedding the success that it was, including the mom and dad...BIG TIME, nicole de mers from "most organized bride, chana and don the best wedding photographers, and tim altbaum who married amy and warren and kept us all dancing...........

And it is letters like this and love stories like theirs that remind us why we are in the wedding business and we are happy and grateful to share it with you. Enjoy!

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