Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Recycled, Refashioned Jewelry

Amanda Jaron's jewelry has graced the necks, hands and ears of some of Hollywood's hottest (think Angelina Jolie and Selma Hayek.) But now she serves a higher purpose. Amanda has launched a division of custom refashioned pieces.

“It’s about taking that dated chandelier and pulling off fun jewels,” says Jaron, who then suggests stringing some of Grandma’s pearls on fishing line to create a link that connects the crystal to a necklace. “It’s instantly a one-of-a-kind piece that makes a sparkling statement all its own.” Jaron will take that old broach, add some contemporary elements and create for you a red carpet-ready, elegant piece of recycled jewelry.

Incorporate a piece close to your heart and pay homage your favorite grandma when you walk down the aisle. The possibilities are endless, the concept easiest enough to do yourself if on a budget, and oh yeah, did we mention her designs are absolutely, insanely beautiful?!?!?!


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wow...thank you for sharing this...beautiful jewelry!