Thursday, July 31, 2008

Celebration, FL

So last month we checked into Walt Disney's Utopia - Celebration, FL. Built to house families of Walt Disney World staffers, this quaint town had everything a movie set would want - an old fashioned ice cream parlour and movie theater, a hotel on the lake, white picket fences, and lots of families. Though only there for a short time, getting together with the wedding community in this town outside of Orlando was quite a treat. If you make it to Orlando, take a trip out of town and down memory lane.

And a special thanks to folks at The Celebration Hotel for welcoming us to your home!


Brittany said...

Glad you made it to Orlando--what a wonderfully talented group of bridal vendors we have here! Visit again!

Anonymous said...

Great to know that you visited the quaint Celebration hotel. We love doing weddings there! Didn't it feel like you had stepped back into an old world Florida? The Kessler Collection has some of the most wonderful hotels in the country. Each and every one is a bit different.