Saturday, November 15, 2008


So instead of sharing a fabulous themed wedding today, we thought we'd scare you a bit (or delight you depending on your taste). Check out this themed and colored hair dye (for hair down there). That's right, add another step in your beauty regime ladies, and be sure to use Betty to be perfectly color coordinated before your big day!


Weddingish said...

This is too FUNNY

Tina <3 said...

I first saw these about a year ago at the local product store for cosmetologists. I thought i had seen it all until this. I later found out that a fellow cosmetologist had tried out the red for valentines day (weird i know) but she said her husband got a kick out of it. Frankly its a little to strange for me but it totally cracks me up and the fact that they have a little upside down triangle to show you the color.....HILARIOUS!!!

anni5400 said...

I just saw this product a few weeks ago and love it! I wish it was around for my honeymoon!