Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bridal Bar Gift Guide

This holiday, don't forget to get your maids something special for all their hard work and friendship. Just a few of our totally affordable favs from this season...

How about a sweet pair of Lollipop Juicy Couture Undies?
Now a wine stopper may not be a one of a kind gift, but Juicy made our Christmas list twice this year with this Juicy Couture Brass Diamond Ring Wine Stopper. Now that's a new spin on an old favorite!
The animal print movement is back and what better way to re-join the jungle than with these Giraffe Products at Weddingish.
How about a yummy peace offering with this Chocolate Peace Sign Box?
And so your vendors can always hunt down your girls, Calling Cards by Paperwink.
Or a little bling for your bridesmaids with Tejani's Bridesmaid Bangle Collection.
To keep your gals on track with all their wedding must-dos, give them the gift of organization with this Planner.
For the wedding obsessed, give Unbridaled, the coffee table book by Swarovski featuring everything crystalized in the wedding world.
How about a lipstick that's not your average lipstick? This Lipstick Queen creates a sheer look on your lips much like stockings on your legs. With a bit of just-been-kissed plumper, you'll be under the mistletoe in no time!
And just about anything from our fav candle company, Voluspa. It's so amazing to see such incredible and truly deserving people (the owners and founders) not only create something so wonderful and succeed at it, but find love (with one another) in the process. These products really are lovely!Happy Holidays!


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What fun and unique gift ideas. I love the bangles!

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天皇賞 春 2010 予想、オッズ、厳選買い目は?この時期のメインイベントの一つのレースがやってきた!!今年の狙うべきポイントは

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