Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yelp Homepage

We just received the sweetest email from a bride-to-be who wanted us to know that she raved about her experience at the store on and they liked the review so much the site bumped it to the day's featured review. Thank you Jacqueline! Glad we could assist you!

For those of you who don't know exactly what we do here in the store, we are a complimentary planning boutique. We offer totally free consultations to get you off to the right start toward your perfect big day. We don't charge a fee or take any mark up or commission, we simply guide you through the process, tell you it will be okay, and refer you to amazingly talented event professionals that fit your needs, style, and price point. How do we do it? Our vendors do pay us a flat annual fee to be represented by the brand, and those companies that participate are invited to do so, extensively reference checked and screened. We limit the number of professionals in each industry, varying their styles and prices so that we have something for everyone! No hidden agenda, no pressure to hire the professionals, just a safe haven to get ideas, advice, and referrals for your wedding. From TomKat's photographer to Kevin Costner's videographer and the eco and budget-friendly new and nearly new couture company, our group, well, let's just say the kick a**! If we wouldn't hire them for our own weddings, we wouldn't represent them.

Okay, 30 second commercial is officially over, back to your regularly scheduled programming!


AmyJean said...

That is so great! COngrats! :)

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