Tuesday, April 17, 2007

End Design: You will be Green with Envy!

End Design is a full service floral and decor house with vast knowledge and experience in the greener side of life.

Having designed Alicia Silverstone's nuptials back in 2001, Eden Rodriguez, owner of End Design, knows how to go so green, your wedding can even be vegan! Whether you opt to wed outdoors in a natural setting (one location saves on fuel omissions versus two venues) or a formal hotel affair - find one that implements recycling programs and other eco-friendly business practices, your decor can come from the earth, not harm it.

With little touches of soy-based candlelight instead of energy-exhausting prop lighting and pulling decor from the spot where you wed, green decor is easier than you think. Vintage mason jars (pictured below) make for great recycled decor, as do an eclectic array of gathered chairs for seating (pictured above), the options are truly endless (at End Design - hehehe)...

Call Eden for more information on how she can honor your dream wedding and the earth equally!

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