Friday, April 13, 2007


The Bridal Bar and many of its fabulous vendors practice eco-conscience business and offer "green wedding" services. EARTH DAY IS THIS MONTH, APRIL 22nd! And so in honor and celebration of this widely popular trend and this special day, we will be dedicating many blog entries over the next few weeks to those who can help you host a sustainable wedding. Speaking a foreign language to you? Going green simply means saving the environment wherever you can when planning your wedding. It can be as simple as selecting one venue instead of two in order to cut down on gas and the fuel emissions of guests travelling to multiple venues. Or it can be as elaborate as using reclaimed wood in building your decor, seeking out vintage details instead of buying new ones, hiring an organic caterer and florist, or even traveling to an eco-friendly hotel for your honeymoon. The bottom line, no matter how dedicated to the cause you are, there are baby steps that can be taken (as well as big ones) to limit the waste your wedding produces. So check back in the weeks to come and we will update you with tips and trends to help make that happen!

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