Friday, October 26, 2007

Is This Part of Fashion Week??

StyleHive is this great new website for fashionistas and hip shoppers everywhere. The concept is you flag your favorite pieces from your favorite stores and invite your friends to tell you what they think (before you make a big purchase, like on a wedding dress). They have lots of fun, interactive tools to their site...definitely something to check out.

This week their blog has a wedding theme. They are showcasing the best of the best in bridal gowns...well, sort of. Can you tell what makes these different from the runway reports?? They are made entirely of TOILET PAPER!! Can you believe it?!?! Look out Project Runway, here comes Project TP.For more of these fabulous faux looks, check out their blog at the StyleHive Blog. Enjoy!

While you're there, check out The Bridal Bar's expert commentary on these fashion-foward ensembles.

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