Thursday, October 11, 2007

More Bling, More Comfort, and We Want More!!

We've discovered another "gem" in the wedding business. And they've got some serious gems! Artyce Designs creates custom shoes - runway, red carpet, down the aisle, or down to the beach. All have some major bling going on, but without the pain. Artyce Designs customs builds shoes from the sole up. How big of a heel do you want? Short groom? Not a problem! How comfortable and padded should they be? Up to you! Material? Color? Bling? Again, all up to you! From strappy sandals to sexy mules, they make and you take. Check out their store here in Los Angeles (or their website) and they will help you design the perfect pair. In less than a month, your ruby slippers will be at your door step. Our favorite? A blue sole for your "something blue."

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suzi finer said...

This is the best idea (ever!) Love them...I'll have to check out the site!
Thanks for the heads-up...