Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And the Oscar Goes To...

That's right brides, we've got the Oscar decor and details revealed. We were lucky enough (and honored to attend) the DRESS REHEARSAL for the Academy Awards last Saturday night, complete with decor preview, and fabulous menu tastings from Wolfgang Puck!! OMG, what an incredible experience!!! Full wardrobe and costumes, dance numbers, Jon Stewart at his best (dressed in it too) and all the previews to the big night, right in the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. And it gets better! We also got to preview the famous Governor's Ball Gala that the stars wined and dined at the very next night. While we were sworn to secrecy until after the event aired (high security like nothing else) are some details and images we can share with you now.

Ready for some wedding inspiration? The color palette this year was red and gold with accents of reflective mirror table tops and accessories. All the flowers were a vibrant red, all roses, all pulled open, not a hint of anything else.The tables had rotating linens from gold to ivory to red and mirrored; each with either clear ghost chairs or chameleon chairs in silver and gold at each place set the seating.The table top was regal, gold flatware, fine china, and our favorite? These acrylic lamps trimmed with what else? More roses to make the centerpieces complete.But this party had more than one centerpiece choice, from round, to square, to rectangle tables, the table top decor varied while keeping with the royal theme.
But the theme, according to what the producers told us, was not about being a star. It was about dreaming big. The bubble glass orbs hanging from the ceiling were inspired from a small child blowing bubbles in a park. At the time of innocence when anything is possible.And anything and everything really was possible for these experts! Check out the red rounded sofa seating and lounge appeal in the cocktail hour. And we haven't even gotten to the food!From gourmet mac and cheese, to Wolfgang's signature sliders and an insanely fresh raw bar, those stars were not going to walk away hungry.

While we may not have won an Oscar on Sunday, I think we got something much more. Thanks Wolfgang and everyone who inspired us at this incredible event!

All photos by Yum Sugar.

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