Monday, March 31, 2008

Greener Cleaning

As we enter into April, Earth Day is on the horizon. So it's time to go green, and not a moment too soon. Check back with us for tips, trends, products, and services to bettering your event and the environment.

Let's work backwards...what's one of the last things on your checklist? Dry cleaning your gown after the big day. Yuck! Chemicals, preservation techniques, tacky boxes, oh my. Think again.

Encore Bridal, now offers greener cleaners for your gowns by Forever Treasured. So, what makes Forever Treasured different from a dry cleaner?

They spot clean your entire gown, inside and out, to remove stains, oils and soils.

Then they perform a specialized wet cleaning process on each gown individually based on the age, color and fabric.

Next, they will air dry your wedding gown to protect the beads and sequins from harmful heat.

After pressing, they place the gown in a specially designed archival museum preservation box, which is acid free, lignin free and buffered.

When the preservation process is completed, the boxed gown is ready for you to view for final approval.

They will instruct you on how you can safely open the preservation box any time and as often as you want, without causing any damage.

Forever Treasured has been recognized by Green Peace as an eco-friendly cleaner and is actually better for the gown too! Available at Encore Bridal in Los Angeles and across the country through shipping.

Your grandchildren will thank you, for their earth, and their preserved heirloom.

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