Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Just in Case Kits

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” – John Wooden
Okay, so you may not live by words of basketball greats, but your fiancés might. So when you’re out shopping for the big day, quote this phrase and he can’t complain about the cash you’re spending :).

The wedding day survival kit is a lifeline for wedding planners, something they never leave home without. So why should you? These quick remedies (worthy of a Bond movie) are available for those “just in case” moments that may pop up at your wedding. So be prepared…for a ripped seam, a headache, or that time of the month, these kits have a remedy for it all.

DIY? Don’t forget the essentials…lip gloss, tampons, breath mints, pain reliever, dental floss, nail file, sewing kit, band aids, static guard, hair pins, safety pins, hair spray, powder, blotting pads, hem tape, baby powder, first aid supplies, polish and polish remover, toothpaste and brush, hairbrush, makeup sponges, cotton swabs and pads, lint remover, and all your makeup essentials.

Don’t forget your groom or your guests either…the Just in Case Company has kits for him (and them) too…think deodorant, antacid, sunscreen, stain remover, breath mints, hair gel, nail clippers, comb, boutonniere pins, safety pins, bow tie instructions, shoeshine, superglue, black dress socks, white t-shirts, and more.

Make sure your guests are comfortable throughout the evening and stock the restrooms with not only candles and petals, but the essentials too!

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