Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ice cream, ice cream, you will certainly scream for this ice cream!!

Okay, so we know it's a bit extravagant and not exactly cost-effective for a wedding, but how can you resist your own couture ice cream cone?? Forget the old fashion ice cream sundae bar. Give your guests pints to go with your own custom flavor, packaging, and name!! eCreamery has come up with a potion of perfection. You select the grade/type of ice cream you want, the flavor, the mix-ins, and the packaging and they FedEx it out to you in no time.What will they think of next??


teardropweddings said...

wow...what a unique idea! I would totally use this as my boyfriend and I are obsessed with ice cream!

Kelly Oshiro said...

MMM.. ice cream. I actually did sundaes and root beer floats at my wedding. I think more people like ice cream than cake!