Friday, June 13, 2008

Location Spotlight: Hummingbird Nest Ranch

The Hummingbird Nest Ranch has got to be the best kept secret in LA. Nestled on the base of a mountain within its 140 acre property, this estate has everything a wedding wants. Privacy, privacy, privacy; jaw-dropping grounds, beautiful views, a lavish home and guest homes, indoor and outdoor spaces, and oh yeah, a late curfew (no neighbors). This is definitely wedding one-stop-shopping! The main house can host your rehearsal dinner and your wedding night. The guest houses and old ranch house can host some 50+ friends and family for the weekend, and the multiple on-property venue options give you endless event backdrops.

Okay, so we realize this might sound a bit like a commercial at this point, but there is truly no way to describe this fantasy land. You can stay on-site, with the amenities and service of a hotel (think breakfast in bed); the capacity is enormous (if you wed on the polo field); there is an outdoor fire pit and veranda, a pool, mountain views, overgrown trees to wed under, pond with boat fit for two, and just about anything else you can dream up for your dream day. Oh yeah, did we mention the helipad for the ultimate sendoff??

Here are some photos of this fab pix to follow soon, a Bridal Bar staffer is set to wed there in '09.

Oh, wait! We forgot the best part!! It's totally affordable! Starting at $4k a day (depending on location and use), this palace could actually save you and your guests some dough when everyone stays on property.


Allison S. said...

That Bridal Bar Bride is very lucky! What a beautiful place to get married!

Kelly Oshiro said...

Yay, another blogger covering locations!!!

lynn said...

What an incredibly gorgeous venue for a wedding. I look forward with great anticipation to attending one there in the near future.