Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beach Weddings Hunt Continues...

Weddings 101: Destination California is the one hour WE Channel special that follows four brides as they exchange vows surrounded by some of California's most beautiful beaches. The California coast is the perfect wedding destination without a passport.

The WE channel is looking for what's hot, hip and in-style; showing the latest trends and providing great tips. Think Laguna Beach, San Diego, Big Sur, Malibu, etc...and this could be you!!!

If you want to be one of the lucky's what you need to know:

The Show will feature 4 beach/coastal weddings in California.
The main focus is on the celebration details, planning etc. as opposed to the couples relationship.
There will be before and after interviews with couple: how they met, and why did they choose the location.
There will be interviews with coordinator about the planning etc.
There will be filming the moment coordinator arrives at the location and shoot the whole wedding as it comes together. Also we want to shoot some footage of the beautiful bride and groom as they get ready to say their I do's.
Crew would consist of about 5 people.
1-2 days of shooting commitment required.
The cameras and crew will be non intrusive at the wedding.

This is an up beat, positive special that allows the viewers to get a feel for the tremendous amount of work and effort that goes into planning the picture perfect event at the most picturesque location.

Here is the info needed for consideration:
Location? Date? Time? Ceremony? Reception? Cocktail hour? Color scheme?
Unique touches? Favors? Center pieces? Lighting? Setting? Flowers? Wedding party? Music? Cuisine? Number of people? How couple met? Occupations? Ages?
A Photo? And anything else you think I might want to know. As much great info as you have!

To submit your real wedding to producers for consideration, please contact Kaos Entertainment at 310-998-3288 and ask for Jamie Pagliano or email her at

Good Luck and we hope to see you on tv soon!

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My name is Lindsey and I'm working on an online wedding show called Brideorama. I love your blog and would love for us to figure out a way for you to contribute to our website. Please email me at

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