Wednesday, July 18, 2007


When getting ready to walk down the aisle there is so much to think about, remember to purchase, and put on before you even before get to your dream dress. Well, now there is a new kind of unmentionable to wear under your gown that just might save you from a chilly night under the stars (or at looking chilly in those gorgeous photos). Nippies are the couture tape to cover your shapes (and they come in different shapes too). With a bridal line in white lace and neutral palettes, your heart-shaped, butterfly-shaped, or x marks the spot shaped cover ups will keep you looking picture-perfect all the way through the day until you have the chance to "wow" him with your unmentionables later.

Bristols 6 makes nipple cover-ups in all shapes, sizes, and colors - so no matter your mood, you can be practical and perfect looking at the same time.Great for bridal shower gifts or even to give your maids to wear under that ultra fabulous bridesmaid dress, their line of nippies and stylin' tape will keep you stylin' on the big day.

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Blue Orchid Designs said...

What a great resource and not one that gets talked about very often. Thanks for sharing!