Friday, July 27, 2007

Eat Organic...panties??

We came across this cute, cheeky line of organic cotton panties and thought we'd share it with you wives-to-be looking for new lingerie. It isn't your typical honeymoon swag, but in an effort be green (even in the bedroom) we thought you might find these fun! The organic cotton underwear by Buenostyle are made with 96% organic cotton and 4% lycra so they keep their shape. They use only low-impact dyes which are less harmful to the environment and the organic cotton is very soft to touch. Their website explains that there is a message behind the message. "You'll laugh when you read the pun, but you'll be making a smart choice.""Did you know that regular (non-organic) cotton farmers apply nearly one-third of a pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for every one pound of cotton harvested? Now why would you want that fabric next to your beautiful, delicate skin? These underwear are environmentally conscious, but with a sense of humor."

So remember to always "eat organic." :)


Anonymous said...

I tried to get those, but that site is wholesale only. You can find them here:
for $16 a pair. :-)

Anonymous said...

On Sale here for Valentine's Day...