Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shoes, Shoes, Oh Wonderful Shoes

The Bridal Bar's blog topic this week over on Bride-O-Rama was about the cost and comfort of bridal shoes. While conducting our little research experiment we were inspired to find some of our favorite shoes (or lack there of) photos from of course our favorite photographers. The best part about them all? The individuality that shines through with each photographer; capturing such different angles, lights, and shoes for that matter. You can really see the personality of a photographer by "their shoes" (or so we've decided.)

For your viewing (and walking) pleasure...

By Red Loft Studios:

By Allison Photo:

By Jules Bianchi Photography:

By Docuvitae:

By Robert Evans Studios:

By Zen Todd:

By Andrew Kitchen Photography:

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perfect bound said...

quite a collection you have here. I love them all.