Saturday, September 22, 2007

What to do in the Rain?

Weddings take place in the rain all the time. But here in Southern California, we don't see a whole lot of wet weather. So in honor of the past day of rain (the first in ages for us Angelenos), here are some beautiful tents that make for great back up plans in bad weather. Hope it doesn't rain on your big day, but if it does, it could make for a spectacular backdrop!

Photos from Special Occasions Inc. (click images to enlarge)

Photos from Classic Party Rentals.

Photos from Joe Buissink.

Photos from Robert Evans Studios.


Bumatay said...

I was actually bummed out when it stopped raining last Saturday! I was all ready to get some dramatic shots but the sun came out.

Beautiful venue shots!

John said...

Are you sure that wedding was not in Portland Oregon?
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