Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kate Walsh's Wedding

To liven up the mood we thought we would say congrats to Kate Walsh and new hubby Alex Young for their recent nuptials (covered this week in OK Magazine.

And another congrats to our very own Fantasy Frostings who made the absolutely beautiful (and huge) red velvet wedding cake for the happy couple. The ladies trekked up to Ojai in 100 degree weather for the wedding...not even a power failure at the hotel was going to stop this celebration!And be sure to stay tuned...The Bridal Bar has been working on a big event for Kate's co-worker...all to be revealed soon!

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Amanda said...


I know of a cute bridal gift, and I wanted to send you some information on it, but I can't seem to find any contact information for you. Is there an email or some way I can send you information on it? It won't be spam, I promise. :) You can email me and let me know at achang@currentlm.com.