Monday, December 17, 2007

Right Shoe, Wrong Time of Year

But we don't care! We just LOVE these shoes too much to wait 'til spring or summer to share with you! Jane Rafter has a line of interchangeable, comfy, handmade leather sandals that serve as three pairs in one. Packaged in a ready-to-go-gift, the beautiful silk bag will make your maids swoon but what's inside is even better.

According to Jane..."the padded leather soles, which carry an indelible signature design, are simply luxurious. When in place, the uppers (straps and embellishments) of the sandals appear fixed and delicate - but they are both detachable and very strong. The secret is in the three attachment points: through a simple system of locking beads, the uppers can be changed quickly and easily." - three shoe styles in one, for those of you confused :)What a wonderful way to walk down the aisle and have two other pairs of shoes to show off later (all for the price of one.) With the three detachable straps and beaded accessories, each maid can design her own shoe style while the group still has a cohesive look.

Thanks to Bree from the Wedding Tulle Blog for such a fabulous find! Check out her site for regular hot tips and other trends like these.

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