Saturday, December 29, 2007

Still Eating Holiday Sweets?

To finish of 2007 we thought we would tease your sweet tooth a bit. Not to ignore the fact that you have probably been enjoying all the holiday chocolates, pies, and gift baskets at the office, but more to go out with a bang (and then get back on the diet on Jan. 1st)

Dig in and enjoy!

The first item on the menu is the beautiful cake above by Fantasy Frostings.

Our favorite, whimsical creations.From top left, The Cake Girls, top right The Cake Girls, bottom left Get Married (photo by Terrell Clark), bottom right photo by Zen Todd Photography & Films.

For the more formal bride...(click photo to enlarge)Photos from top left Get Married (photo by Terrell Clark), photo by Jules Bianchi, photo by Mike Colon, Very Different Cakes, Frosted Art, photo by Robert Evans Studios, Oh, How Charming!

For the dessert lover (not to be confused with the cake lover)...From top left The Patina Group, Paul Bott & Co, Paul Bott & Co, Oh, How Charming, Paul Bott & Co.

For the cupcake fanatic, a different twist...(click photo to enlarge)From top left, photo by Robert Evans Studios, Oh, How Charming!, Occasions, Special Occasions Inc, Wolfgang Puck, Vanilla Bake Shop.

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*Rashana Anderson* said...

Such a pretty and inspirational post! I just LOVE The Cake Girls ... always in awe of their creations.