Friday, January 16, 2009

Book about life, not just the wedding

We just received some information about a new book put out by the folks at Harper Collins. We don't typical write reviews on this site (not enough hours in the day to read all the fabulous bridal books out there). But today we were inspired by a video short that was sent - interviewing the author about the content and inspiration behind the book.

The message is simple - remember the sweet things. Ellen Greene's husband past away after 21 years of marriage and this book is about their life together. But she didn't write it by thinking back about the big picture, she already had the little details jotted down. For the previous twenty years every time her husband (or fiance before they were married) did something sweet, small, seemingly insignificant, or simply said something of meaning, she would take a moment and write it down. What a great idea!! And what a brilliant gift to give yourself, your spouse, and your children to come.

Every time you notice something about him or her that you love or is meaningful to you, write it in a journal. That way every time you have a spat, you have the good times to go back to and remind yourself why you love that person. As time goes on, you have memories to enjoy, and as your kids grow up, you have an incredible gift to share with them long after the two of you have past.

So while you may not become the next best-selling author, this idea of regular gratitude for the little things he does will better your outlook, your memories, and your life. We are going to begin doing this at the bar I think. An an idea that could be applied to all your relationships to keep the scales balanced when things aren't always so perfect. Start the new year with this resolution because wedding planning is not really about the wedding, but about the two of you...and the little things.

To read Ellen's sweet things, check out the book and information on her website, Remember the Sweet Things. The book hits shelves on Jan. 27th.


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