Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Map to the Altar

Destination wedding? Your parent's backyard after a church ceremony? Or perhaps a swanky ballroom affair? No matter how or where you wed, your guests should know where to go. But impersonal, so not with your wedding "vision." Well, think again! Laura Hooper Calligraphy has not only found a creative and custom way to get your guests to the party, but she's discovered the perfect welcome basket in the process. Weave your wedding locale into every element of the experience by turning your map into your gift too!

These canvas bags are perfect to welcome your friends and family to the party - design your own map and remind loved ones of the treasure that was your wedding.


honey my heart said...

laura created such beautiful save the date maps of us. we really love her work!

Ms. Dio said...

These tote bags are great! She is very talented and her work deserves to be displayed for all to enjoy. What a neat keepsake for guests!