Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bridal Bar on The Girls Next Door

So remember way back when we shared a few behind the scenes photos of our shoot for the Girls Next Door?!?! Well this past weekend the episode aired (and will continue to re-air for weeks to come so be sure to check it out)! Believe it or not, we have yet to see the segment, but the emails about those gorgeous gowns are flooding in. So to answer your question - where do you find those gowns?!?!? They are from Encore Bridal. Julie and her team will take great care of you!! Bunny or not :)The yummy cake was from the fabulous Fantasy Frostings and the flowers by the talented Eddie from Tic Tock.The gals left with rhinestone tanks by Weddingish, and of course all the amazing Bridal Bar vendors are in our stores and online. Thank you so, so much to the producers of the show and Bridget and Stacy for the AMAZING opportunity and for sharing your day and your lives with us! Thanks ladies for visiting, we hope to have you back soon for the next big day and we wish the newlyweds a very happy, happy and blessed marriage!!


AmyJean said...

That is awesome! congrats, i'll keep my eye out for it!


It's A Jaime Thing said...

I just watched the show last night not realizing you were going to be on it, and then there you WERE!!!

I told my husband who was watching it with me, "That's BRIDAL BAR!!!". He looked at me like, "Yeh, Jaim, I can see that as the camera zoomed in on the window stickers reading, ""

I had to explain to him how your blog is one of my favorites so he could finally understand why I was so excited to see you on the show. :)

I wish I could come sit down and have cake with you girls at your shop! lol Congratulations, that was pretty darn cool. Cheers!

Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing"

christine@wishpot said...

Harmony!!!! This is amazing. Congrats congrats congrats. :) YOu deserve it. xo

christine@wishpot said...

Harmony! So Awesome! Congrats congrats congrats! I am so excited for you. And you deserve it! xo

Donna said...

Love those tops for bridesmaids! They are so perfect for bridal showers. I have seen several bridesmaids party shirt at just as cool as what you have here.